Tomales Bay Soap - Hunting, Fishing, and Cooking - Kitchen Witch Co.


If you are washing off that human scent before fishing, hunting, or foraging, We've got you. If you are getting the kitchen smells off after dinner, we've got you, too. Just enjoy pretty soaps and enticing fragrances? While this great, all-around bar might look a little frilly, it is anything but. This soap was created with my own childhood in mind. Crab fishing and evenings spent around the fire with lots of crab, oysters, corn on the cob, and red potatoes covered in melted butter and seasoning. You can wash that human smell off before hunting, fishing, or foraging for dinner, and then wash that food smell right off. The sweet and spicy blend is a bit dark, a little mysterious.

Will it Shave? Yes, this will work for shaving in a pinch.

Scent: Essential oils of fennel, oregano, peppermint, corn mint, black pepper.

Colorant: Titanium dioxide, mica.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut oil, Lard, Fennel Essential Oil, Oregano Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Cornmint Essential Oil, Black Pepper Essential Oil