More Marshmallow High Top Soap Bars - Carrot, Paprika, & Cocoa - Kitchen Witch Co.


Take your hot chocolate to go with this high-top More Marshmellow bar with whipped frosting. Decadent, nourishing, and delightful. Rich chocolate, smoked paprika, and white carrot swirl together to make a bar that will be loved by all. Great hot chocolate includes marshmallows and plenty of them. Fresh, white soap was rolled and shaped by hand into soapy little marshmallows. We made sure that every bar has plenty of marshmallows to enjoy. These beautiful bars are topped with piped "whipped cream" and are dusted with smoked paprika.

If the high-top bars are too big to handle, the piped topping may be broken off to be used separately. Our More Marshmallow high top bars are available in two designs, and we also have travel-sized bars. 

  • Choose from swirled or layered colors
  • Colored with smoked paprika, white carrot, and Ghiradelli chocolate
  • Piped whipped cream tops and hand-sculpted soap dough marshmallows
  • Unscented & naturally colored
  • Perfect for the whole family