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Fresh Baked Cookies - Beldi Soap - Moroccan Black Soap - Savon Noir


Made with a tried and true recipe that features Californian-grown and organic olive oil and black olives, this simple soap is anything but. Known by many names, Moroccan Beldi soap is traditionally a part of the spa or mineral bath experience. Enjoy the creamy soap as a daily cleanser with a washcloth or poof, or enjoy the steam and scrub. We have scented this limited-run batch to smell like a bakery full of fresh-baked cookies and buttery pastries. 

How to use: shower and/or soak for several minutes before sitting in a safe, dry place to soap up and enjoy the steam. Massage a thin layer of the soap on moist skin until it feels buttery smooth. Enjoy a sauna or steam shower for around ten minutes, and then buff clean with an exfoliating mitt. *Product ships in a reusable, plastic cosmetic jar to keep you safe in the shower or at the spa.

Ingredients: Olive Oil*, Black Olives*, Fragrance. (*Organic, California-grown.)