Carrot Cake Vegan Bastille Soap Bar - Carrots & Molasses - Kitchen Witch Co.


Carrot cake is possibly one of the best desserts ever. The kid in me loves the spiced cake and cream cheese frosting. Carrot Cake Bastille soap is simple because life does not need to be complicated. This olive oil-based soap is complemented by raw, organic carrots along with a generous helping of organic molasses. The residual sugars make for plenty of lather and the bar works great from your face to your feet. You can whip up peaks with a boar bristle brush as if the lather were frosting. We use this gentle soap on our baby and ourselves.

Will it Shave? Absolutely! While not formulated to be shaving soap, the lather is fantastic for shaving.

Scent: Carrot Cake is unscented. We left out the spice so that sensitive souls can join in on the fun.

Colorant: None. The beautiful color is thanks to the organic carrot puree and shea butter.
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