Berkeley & Blueberries Brine Soap Bar - Made With Water From The San Francisco Bay


Luxurious brine bars are lovely fresh, and age like a fine wine. We got our feet wet in the icy waters near the Bay Bridge of the San Francisco Bay to bring these bars to you.  Carefully and sustainably harvested bladderwrack and fresh saltwater was collected while watching the fog and tide slowly roll in across the bay from the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. Custom blended for these briney bars, the fragrance is crisp, sweet, and lightly fruity. Organic blueberries and collagen peptides help to create our signature lather, which will develop as the soap ages. Brine bars were traditionally made in seaside communities, where the seaweed ash and saltwater would produce hard, long-lasting bars.  Pro tip: buy one to use now, and stash a bar with your clothing or linens to delicately scent fabric as the bar cures. 

  • Made with seaweed & ocean water sustainably collected from the San Francisco Bay
  • Organic blueberries, Tussah silk aminos, and collagen aminos help to create a rich, lotion-like lather
  • Colored with cruelty-free, synthetic mica with a light dusting of mica-based glitter
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