Just Add Vodka - Bloody Mary Brine Soap Bar


Do you know what is crummy about drinking a Bloody Mary in the shower? It gets all watery. What kind of fun is a watery Bloody Mary? We'll answer that: NO FUN AT ALL. Enjoy all the goodness of the Bloody Mary in soap form. It won't give you a buzz, but it will get you clean with organically grown tomatoes, citrus, and herbs from our garden. Scented with herbs, spices, and celery essential oil. This solsiefe (sea salt brine) bar is here for the party.

  • Naturally colored and scented
  • All the goodness of a Bloody Mary, minus the vodka
  • Scented with essential oils + organic spices
  • Made with herbs grown organically in our gardens
  • No colorants or fragrance oils
  • Topped with a slice of dried lemon or lime, a sprinkle of salt, and a dash of spices