Our Mission & Ethics

Fresh seaweed sustainably collected from the San Francisco Bay.


Local, sustainable supplies whenever possible. If we can source supplies through a local business, we will. From bee pollen to amber glass bottles, buying local reduces our footprint. Buying local also allows us to get to know the suppliers, producers, and artisans that help us to create bath, body, and home goods that are safe for your home and the environment as a whole. Many of our suppliers are owned by women, immigrants, veterans, and those that are differently abled like the kitchen witch herself. 

Ethical treatment of animals and people. Bugs, too. Instead of silk which is collecting by boiling silkworm cocoons with the worm included, we use Tussah silk. This silk is made from cocoons after the worm has made its exit. We are switching to 100% lab-made micas due to human rights issues with the collection of natural micas. We test product on ourselves, not animals. We continue to source suppliers that have strict ethics policies and that are just as interested in handing our children a healthier Earth than we inherited. Many of our products are vegetarian or vegan.

Affordable luxury at affordable prices. We all deserve to treat ourselves. We all deserve clean products made from clean, sustainable ingredients. While this *usually* means as that products are as natural as possible, sometimes lab-made products are safer and more effective. We won't settle for anything but the best for you and yours. 

Transparency is key. With Celiac and food allergies in the family, we understand the need for transparency with ingredients. The prevention of cross-contamination and good manufacturing practices are key. Aside from our beer soaps, all of our products are made with gluten-free ingredients. (Beer soap is made outside of our workshop with different supplies, and is stored separately.) As a small family business, we do not have our products certified as gluten free. Our products are peanut free and most are free of tree-nut products. Please contact us before purchase if you have any questions.