Covid-19 Policy

We care about your safety at every step. From the point that we receive and shelf supplies to the time that you pick up a bar of soap or salts at a market, we follow what the FDA calls good manufacturing practice. What does this mean? Following procedures to ensure cleanliness, product rotation, mislabeling, etc. This has been part of our business practice from day one.

What has changed?

The lead witch and formulator is immunocompromised, and prevention of Covid-19 transmission is very important to us as a family and as business owners. When at markets or making wholesale deliveries, we will be following the county health regulations with an eye on the local recommendations if at a market outside of our home county.

We provide hand sanitizer at the front of the booth, on each table in our market booth, and at checkout. Customers are encouraged to use sanitizer before and after touching product.  

Everyone working our market booth has been vaccinated for your safety as well ours. For the time being, we will primarily be attending outside events.

We request masking when unable to distance ourselves from customers, while inside or while our booth sides are up due to weather, and in any other high-risk situations. When it is breezy and the sides are off of our market tent, we may  be unmasked depending on current health department recommendations. What if we are unmasked and you'd like us to mask up? Please ask or point to your mask! We want you to be able to shop comfortably. 

Part of our mission is to reduce waste, especially plastics. For the time being, many of our soaps will be shrink-wrapped. Our 2022 collections will use a special biodegradable plastic. This compostable plastic that allows oxygen to pass out of the wrapper as the soap cures, while helping to preserve color and scent for those that like to stock up. Want to sniff the soap? Go ahead! The tiny holes We clean our product in the market booth throughout the day. Other products are cleaned and/or rotated out to ensure that shopping is as safe as possible.

To further protect our customers, we have posted QR codes that can be scanned from several feet away for contact-free checkout. Please ask for a total, scan the code for your preferred payment processor, send the funds, and wait for us to be notified that the payment went through. It is that easy!

Want to use a card? We offer a card reader/chip scanner that is sterilized between customers. We'll step back a few feet while you insert your card and the transaction is processed.