Cabernet Merlot Shampoo Bar - Napa Valley in a Bar - Kitchen Witch Co.

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Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are the two most widely grown wine grapes in the world. The blend of the two is thought to have originated in the French region of Bordeaux. In California, you might see this blend labeled as "Meritage".  The marriage of Cabernet and Merlot forms a robust wine with notes of cedar, smoke, spice, vanilla, and coconut. Why not drink this? The sugars in wine equal fantastic bubbles and lather in soap.  Enjoy getting clean with our conditioning Cabernet Merlot shampoo bar. For best results, follow with our dry acidic hair rinses and conditioners.

  • made with Napa Valley Cabernet Merlot wine (one bottle per ten bars!)
  • unscented
  • conditioning shampoo
  • perfect for your gym bag 
  • TSA compliant