Plain Jane Tooth Soap - Kitchen Witch Co.


Go wash your mouth out with soap! We know what you're thinking. Tooth soap? Why? Tooth soap reduces waste and is an excellent replacement for tubes that can leak in your suitcase or gym bag. Our Plain Jane tooth soap might be plain, but it packs the same punch. 

  • Place a piece on your molars, bite down, and brush.
  • Alternatively, wet your brush and sprinkle a bit onto the brush head.
  • This tooth soap is for those that like to brush with baking soda. We recommend our other varieties if you'd like less alkaline soap.
  • What about the taste? This variety has is sweet and with a very mild flavor. (No gross, soapy taste here!) 

**Available by the ounce. Our small glass containers with cork lids hold approximately 50g, and our reusable cosmetic jars hold 1 or 2 ounces. Ships in a recyclable bag with containers available separately. 

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Lard, Rice Bran Oil, Calcium Bentonite Clay, Erithrytol, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride.


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