White Sage Conditioning Cream


This silky smooth conditioning cream is sure to be a hit with fans of our Anytime Lip Mask. Rich argan, camellia, castor, and lanolin create the perfect marriage with white sage essence and extract. Formulated with marshmallow root, white sage, niacin, and conditioning ingredients to quench dry skin while providing a light barrier to keep moisture in. Moisturize hands dry from washing and sanitizers, tame flyaways, fix those dry elbows and knees, and soften heels just in time for sandal season. 

Available for pickup, shipping within the US & Territories, and local delivery for orders over $75. Please send us a message to arrange pickup and delivery in the Sacramento Area. 


Ingredients: Argan oil, Camellia (green tea) sinesis oil, castor oil, lanolin, white sage glycerite, white sage extract, marshmallow root, white sage, niacin, allantoin, panthenol, btms 50, phenopip